Take Your League to the Next Level with Awards and Prizes

Poker TrophyWinning money is obviously the main draw to a home poker game, but you can add extra incentive by throwing in some awards and prizes for various achievements. By using free web software like Home Poker System you can track all sorts of stats like points, players eliminated, and more. If you structure your league to have seasons you can give out specific awards and prizes at the end for various accomplishments.

Some examples of awards/titles to give out.

  • Champion - probably the most obvious award to give out is the one for the "best" player. This should be based on a predetermined point system. Though you could also go by most money won.

  • Headhunter - if you take the time and effort to track the number of players each person knocks out, you can have an award for the person who eliminated the most players during the season. It's a fun award to have, but can be a pain in the butt to keep track of.

  • Longest Streak - you can have an award for the person with the longest winning (or losing) streak. This puts added pressure (and excitement) on games where a person's streak is on the line.

  • Easy Money - it's always nice to have an award or two that goes to "bad" players. As such, it can be fun to have an award for the person who lost the most money.

  • Big Mouth - some titles don't necessarily have to deal with actual poker play, but rather a player's personality during the games. Home games inevitably have a stand out loud player, you may as well reckognize them with an award.

  • Bluff Master - an award for the person deemed "biggest bluffer". This would have to be voted on in some mannor.

  • Tight Ass - some players play tighter than a (ok, better stay away from that analogy).

  • Best Bluff - you can also award titles for single incidents such as the best bluff of the season.

  • Best Snack - snacks go hand in hand with your home games so you might as well have an award for the best snack (or even an award for the person that brought the best snacks).

The above list is just a small sampling of the kinds of awards you can implement at your own home games. Be creative and make sure to have at least one humorous award. Fun titles are also key so instead of just having "Most Conservative" you have something like "Biggest Tight Ass".

You can simply announce the awards at the end, but it's better to actually have some sort of physical representation of the award being given. For example, you can use trophies, certificates, poker chips, extra money, or any kind of random objects people donate. The photo featured at the top of this post is a ceramic trophy I made for my own home poker league (yes, it's even uglier in person). The key is to be creative and to agree on everything before you start your season.

Feel free to share ideas of your own in the comments below. I'm sure your fellow home poker players would greatly appreciate it.


  1. Tarah Said:

    The trophy rocks! Nothing like something you made yourself! I was thinking of doing a homage to Dog the Bounty Hunter for the top bounty winner!

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